Helpful Tips

Posted: Nov. 17, 2019

For Adoption of the System

  • Set up an internal challenge to enter a Hazard ID or Near Miss within set time frame. Offer prizes or lunch to entice your staff!
  • Encourage your staff to Read and Accept a certain number of Safe Work Practices.
  • Have all staff save the InUnison site to their home screens on their smartphones for easy access.  Make sure that they are logged in first prior to completing this for easy access and action the save to home screen from their dashboard.
  • As Administrator, you can see who has activated their account as who has not. Reward the staff members that activate within the first few days to encourage everyone to do so.

To Help Keep InUnison Top of Mind

  • Use the events entered as discussion points in your next safety meeting.
  • Review all the events entered within a certain time frame (30 days or less) with your staff to emphasize how the system catalogues events.  No need to look for paper reports!
  • By entering your monthly hours into the Reporting Information, your dashboard statistics will stay current.  Ensure that staff are entering their events to ensure that the statistics are accurate.

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