How to Handle Potential Objections

Posted: Nov. 17, 2019

Potential Objections



I don’t have cell service at my work site.

Take pictures and notes of all events and record them in the platform once you get access to WIFI.

Too busy to make a change now/ It’s not the right time.

Short term pain for long term gain.  By rolling out the InUnison platform now, you will instantly save time on document collection for your next statistical reporting period or COR/SECOR audit.

My staff are resistant to change.

Change isn’t easy for most people.  InUnison will help build up the excitement for staff by providing implementation documents, bulletins and presentations that you can use to get them on board.

My staff do not have company email addresses.

Remember when payroll departments made the switch from cheques to direct deposit?  Having a bank account became a prerequisite of employment.  Make having an email address a requirement for your staff.  You know everyone has one.  It is your choice whether your staff use their personal email addresses, or you supply them with a company one.

We do not communicate with our staff via email.

Communication is a keystone in COR/SECOR approval.  Use this as an opportunity to adopt email as a key communication tool.

My employees are “old timers”.  They won’t want to use a system like this.

Do your “old timers” have a cell phone?  Is it a smartphone? They were probably slow to adapt to a smartphone, thinking that their flip phone would do everything that they would ever need.  Now that they have a smartphone, they are playing games, watching videos and checking email every chance they get.  They may be slow or resistant to adopt the InUnison program but once they do, they won’t miss the paper-based program.

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