Entering a Field Level Hazard Assessment

Posted: Nov. 25, 2020


Entering a Field Level Hazard Assessment (FLHA) is a safety event that should be completed at the start of a new task or when there is a change in the original plan, expectations or parameters of a task. The FLHA should be completed as a team and all workers involved on site should participate.

Step 1

Log in to www.inunison.io and click “Add Event”.

Step 2

Under the “What is the event type?” dropdown menu, click Field Level Hazard Assessment.

Step 3

Select the Reporting Group (if applicable) from the drop down menu and under “Where did the inspection take place?” select the Region, Location and Worksite applicable.

Step 4

Enter a description of the task and name the workers involved in the fields provided.

Step 5

Answer the following task related Yes/No questions.  Should you answer NO to any of the questions, STOP and talk to your Supervisor.

Step 6

Continue by answering the following hazard related Yes/No questions.  Should you answer YES to any of these questions, STOP and ensure adequate controls are in place prior to starting work.

Step 7

Identify the controls needed to reduce the identified hazards in the prior section by clicking on the blank field and entering the appropriate controls.

Step 8

Select the Risk Level that applies. For reference on how to assess the risk level, see the following section in the Safety Program under Hazard Assessment 5.0 Hazard Risk Rating.

Click Save & Continue once all fields have been completed.

Step 9

Upload any supporting documents or images that support the Field Level Hazard Assessment by simply clicking within the field where it says “Drop file here or browse your computer” or click the button that says “Add Files” or simply drag and drop the attachment as directed. If you have no supporting documents or images at this time, select “Do this later” to continue.

Once finished click “Save & Continue”.

Step 10

If you have identified a hazard, you will be taken to a third page that prompts you to Add Corrective Action in order to specify additional action that is required due to the hazards outside of implementing the controls identified. Enter a date and select a responsible person from the drop down menu and add a description of the corrective action in the corresponding field. If no corrective action is required, select “Do this later” to skip.

Click “Save” to continue and submit the event.

Step 11

You will be brought to the Event Report screen which summarizes the Event and the data you have entered. This screen lets you know that the assessment has been successfully completed.

If you have any questions, comments, concerns or suggestions, please contact us. We are here to help!

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