InUnison’s Cloud-Based Occupational Health and Safety Platform

Posted: Dec. 16, 2020

InUnison’s Cloud-Based Occupational Health and Safety Platform

InUnison’s Cloud-Based Occupational Health and Safety Platform Helps Contractors Secure Bids for Construction Projects Across Canada

As construction projects across Canada increase in complexity, scale, and scope, so does the need for focus, attention, and commitment to Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) on every job site. For a contractor, being able to prove that you’re able to plan, implement, and document a fully compliant health and safety program is critical to earning the trust of a prime contractor during their proposal review and evaluation process, increasing your chances for securing contracts.

To help contractors secure construction bids from prime contractors and project owners across Canada, InUnison Technologies Corporation has developed a cloud-based OHS solution, to help them plan, follow, and manage a comprehensive and fully compliant health and safety program.

“As Occupational Health and Safety experts, we developed our InUnison solution as a way to simplify the management and compliance of health and safety on a construction site,” states Jeff Weaver, President and Chief Executive Officer of InUnison. “Our innovative, cloud-based solution is designed to automate and streamline what are traditionally manual health and safety processes, making it easier for contractors to keep their workers safe and their business compliant.”

Having already earned a reputation in the demanding Oil & Gas sector for its robust health and safety solution, InUnison is quickly gaining notoriety across the construction industry for its ease of use, at-a-glance oversight, and accessibility, particularly among contractors who are looking to scale their business by taking on larger and more complex projects.

“InUnison’s Client Support Team is recognized for how quickly and easily we can get a company set up with a fully functioning, fully compliant OHS solution,” confirms Jeff Weaver, who brings over 30 years of experience in implementing successful health and safety management systems. “We have the specific, certified, and up-to-date health and safety program for each Workers Compensation Board (WCB) classification mapped out on the InUnison platform, across all industries and provinces.”

“And because it’s built on the cloud, InUnison is quick to onboard, easy to maintain, always up-to-date, and is available to all workers online at any time and from any device – whether it’s a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone.”

Brad Gallant, Managing Partner at R.W. Gallant Equipment & Pile Driving, a pile driving business that services Western Canada, confirms how quickly and easily it was to set up his business with InUnison. “It literally took minutes to get set up and started – as simple as creating an online account, entering our WCB classification code, and logging in.”

“Once set up, we had access to a fully compliant OHS program for our specific industry and jurisdictions, that had a built-in search to quickly find the oversight we required at any time. We were able to configure our health and safety program with online forms and checklists that were specific to the work we do as a specialized contractor, the range of equipment we operate, and the unique environments we work in.” continues Brad Gallant. “From there, it wasn’t long before every employee was using it – entering in data to record daily site and equipment inspections, safety meeting minutes, and even COVID-19 self-screening assessments.”

Built into the InUnison platform is a full range of OHS tools to help contractors effortlessly manage the health and safety of their construction site. Beyond including an up-to-date and easy-to-search Health and Safety Solution that meets all requirements for third-party sites such as ISN, ComplyWorks, and Avetta, the InUnison platform also includes Training Tracking for electronically filing and managing all safety tickets, and OHS Event Reporting for recording all inspections, hazards, observations, and incidents.

With InUnison’s comprehensive health and safety solution centralized in one convenient, easy-to-use package, every contractor’s OHS processes become streamlined to make data entry and dashboard reporting more efficient. 

Brad Gallant confirms how InUnison has been able to simplify and streamline efficiencies across his company. “Before we adopted InUnison, our Site Supervisors were getting pulled into performing a lot of routine administrative tasks, which included collecting and submitting paperwork from every project site we managed. We’ve since cut down our administrative hours significantly, allowing our team to focus on productive and operational tasks, while at the same time improving our OHS program.” 

“But the biggest impact InUnison has had on our business is through the ongoing health and safety management support we receive from InUnison’s Client Success Team,” states Brad Gallant. “InUnison works with us to help us plan and package our OHS program to help us submit bids and win proposals for large-scale, complex construction projects.”

Graeme Math, Vice President of Product at InUnison, expands on the purpose and function of the InUnison Client Success Team. “Our primary function is to provide ongoing coaching and support for the client and their employees as they familiarize themselves with the InUnison platform, ensuring everyone is set up, comfortable, and using the system appropriately and in compliance with industry regulatory authorities. But ultimately, we’re here to help our contractor clients leverage their OHS program to support their goals of how they want to expand and scale their business.”

“Whether it’s for an established company like R.W. Gallant that’s looking to secure bids on larger and more complex projects across multiple jurisdictions, or for a newer company that’s looking to stabilize itself within the industry, or for a growing company that’s looking to scale their business by achieving COR/SECOR certification, the InUnison Client Success Team is a knowledgeable and experienced value-added resource, helping contractors meet their health and safety goals while advancing their businesses accordingly,” concludes Graeme Math.  

Brad Gallant elaborates on how InUnison was able to help his company achieve their business goals, in addition to elevating their health and safety program. “Prior to adopting InUnison, we predominantly bid on private construction contracts. We saw an opportunity to broaden our projects portfolio by bidding on prime contractor and government contracts, which we’ve been able to achieve since applying InUnison to help streamline our prequal documentation.”

“Once we committed to InUnison, we were able to increase our average contract size by 300%,” states Brad Gallant. “We’re now in the process of achieving COR certification, working closely with InUnison to help us build an effective safety program for projects of increased size and complexity.” 

Beyond the exponential growth in business development and on-site capacity, Brad Gallant comments on an additional way the InUnison health and safety platform positively affects the long-term outlook of his company. “The lasting, most notable benefit to our company since using InUnison has been the improved safety culture it has instilled in all employees.”

“It’s been an amazing transition to observe the behavioural changes the InUnison platform encourages; seeing how our employees participate in their own safety and well-being with a heightened level of awareness,” concludes Brad Gallant. “Especially as we’ve begun working on larger and more complex projects for some of the most influential prime contractors across Canada, hearing them comment on our team’s professionalism, efficiency. and commitment to safety confirms we’ve made the right investment with InUnison’s OHS platform.”

To learn more about how the InUnison occupational health and safety management solution can be used to help contractors secure bids for large construction projects across Canada, visit to get started on setting your health and safety goals.

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