Improve safety, meet compliance and achieve COR certification

InUnison is the new standard in safety program software. Easily build your safety program, record all your safety related activities and achieve compliance whilst saving time.

Trusted by industry innovators

Making the world a safer place to work

Built with the worker in mind, InUnison makes occupational health and safety more accessible, more affordable, and more effective for all.

A truly effective health and safety solution.

InUnison keeps your workers engaged by delivering an always up-to-date health and safety program appropriate to risks within your industry, keeping compliance in check.

Cut the compliance paperwork.

InUnison streamlines and automates the many manual processes, procedures and workflows that drive workplace safety, making compliance easy for organizations and their workers.

Achieve certification faster.

Created by occupational health and safety experts with decades of experience, InUnison can help your businesses achieve COR certification faster and save you up to 20% on WCB premiums.

Critical information at your fingertips

InUnison delivers real-time actionable information, providing insight to help you understand and manage your organization more effectively.

Safety becomes a team effort

Your workers are safer

InUnison puts the worker at the centre of the occupational health and safety process. The intuitive interface allows workers to quickly access critical information, effectively report and track incidents, and manage corrective actions to closure.

Always current safety program

Your health and safety program is always current and workers are kept up-to-date. InUnison manages your program so you can spend more time reducing risk.

Use data-driven insights to identify potential risk

Better worker adherence and engagement, streamlined occupational health and safety-related processes, and real-time data-driven insight combine to make your business safer.