COVID-19 Policy, Management Plan and Procedures

Available immediately upon subscription, the COVID-19 Policy, Management Plan and Procedures have been developed based on your jurisdiction and industry. The COVID-19 Policy is a set of expectations the organization will put in place to reduce the risk of exposure and harm to workers and the public from this virus. Our COVID-19 Management Plan saves you the time and resources of building out a plan of your own. We have developed work procedures based on government guidelines and your industry leaders to provide an up to date COVID-19 Management Plan and applicable Safe Work Practices for your company.

Food Safety

  • Staff received training in COVID-19 precautionary best practices
  • New guidelines have been implemented to reduce the risk of COVID-19
  • Additional training has been provided to all staff
  • Developed new food handling processes to reduce COVID-19 risks

Cleanliness Practices

  • Increased cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting of high touch areas
  • Established process for sanitizing between dining and stays
  • Developing cleaning protocols
  • Use technology to monitoring cleaning schedules throughout the day
  • Providing staff and customers with adequate sanitizers

Preventative Measures

  • Implementation of physical barriers, as required
  • Post signage throughout the establishment that aid in the flow of customer traffic and distancing
  • Use of technology to identify where social distancing is not followed
  • Use of technology to reduce physical interactions
  • Layout configuration to increase social distancing

The OpenSafe solution includes:

  • COVID-19 Policy
  • COVID-19 Management Plan
    • Hazard Assessment
    • Training and Communication
    • Prevention
    • Screening Process
    • Hygiene
    • Cleaning and disinfection
    • Cleaning and disinfection products
    • Physical distancing and related requirements
    • Other control measures
    • Hierarchy of controls and PPE
    • COVID-19 Symptomatic infected and exposed workers (response plan)
    • Isolation
  • Worker Responsibilities
  • COVID-19 PPE and Related Hygiene Materials
  • Employers Quick-Guide to Controlling COVID-19 Risks
  • Forms and signage