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Frequently asked questions

What is a health and safety program (OHS program)?
An occupational health and safety (OHS) program is a coordinated system of procedures and processes designed to promote continuous improvement in occupational health and safety. Employers, workers and other work site parties are responsible for their own health and safety and the health and safety of others on or in the vicinity of their worksite. Implementing a health and safety program helps ensure the health, safety and well-being of people at or near the worksite.
Do I need a safety program?
In Alberta, employers with 20 or more workers must have a health and safety program that is developed in consultation with the joint worksite health and safety committee or health and safety representative — if there is one. Employers with fewer than 20 workers are not required to have a program but must have documentation in place meeting the requirements established by OHS legislation.This includes assessment and control of workplace hazards and an emergency response plan. The employer must consult with the health and safety representative — if there is one — and involve affected workers.
How does the InUnison platform help to make me compliant?
InUnison’s software platform helps enable a compliant OHS program including safe work practices (SWP) specific to the risks associated with your WCB industry code. This safety program is maintained by the InUnison safety team and is kept up-to-date with legislation. By managing your OHS program through InUnison, you are able to easily notify required personnel of incidents, track corrective actions and proactively engage your workers to create a stronger overall safety culture.

What are the benefits of having health and safety software?

  1. Reduced risk – an effective health and safety software solution helps reduce risk to the business and improve business decision-making by informing employers of every incident, logging incident reports, and ensuring those responsible for health and safety have access to the most current safety policies and safety procedures.
  2. Improved compliance – health and safety software helps employers more easily comply with OHS regulations and collects data/information to enable a company to accurately report on key performance indicators (KPIs) related to workplace safety.
  3. Easier reporting – health and safety software streamlines reporting by allowing a company to track and store all health and safety  information/data in a single integrated system.
  4. Improved safety culture – a well-defined health and safety program enabled by software reduces administrative work and facilitates corrective and preventive actions. This means your business processes are improved and your risks mitigated.
    Easy to use and access software also helps in strengthening worker commitment to an improved safety culture.