Safety Courses

Easy access to over 1700 top safety courses for online training.

Online Safety Training

Online safety training is a cost and time-effective way to supplement traditional blended learning models. It allows trainees to gain foundational knowledge before in-person instruction, enhancing the learning process.

Access a publicly available course library with over 1,700 premium online safety courses. Each course is engaging, with multimedia elements like videos, animations, and graphics designed to help trainees learn effectively.

Course Categories

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Equipment safety courses are crucial in educating employees on how to operate and work safely around various equipment. These courses cover the basics of commonly used equipment such as aerial lifts, scaffolds, forklifts, cranes, chainsaws, and fire extinguishers.


These courses provide essential knowledge on topics such as workplace inspections, violence prevention, accident investigation, cultural diversity, harassment prevention, ergonomics, substance abuse, and environmental management.

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Soft Skills

Soft skills are essential for any organization's success, and employees at all levels can benefit from personal development training. Online training programs can help employees acquire and refine important skills to enhance the company's overall resilience and competitiveness.


Safety training needs vary based on factors such as industry, work site, task, and job title. Our online courses cover diverse topics, including electrical safety, confined spaces, ground disturbance, chemical and biological hazards, and PPE use.

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This course library includes courses for drivers covering advanced defensive driving, safe backing procedures, fatigue and stress management, winter and distracted driving, and hours of service and weights.

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