Create a safer, more compliant workplace

A fully compliant online health and safety solution to keep your workers safe and your business compliant.

Truly effective occupational health and safety

Keep workers engaged with safety knowledge and information appropriate to their industry and role.

Always up to date
Always current, always relevant to your jurisdiction, industry and business.
Timely compliance data
Compliance data comes direct from workers for an accurate, up to date picture of compliance.

Cut the compliance paperwork.

Streamline and automate workplace safety and compliance processes.

Certify your organization’s compliance
Automate and streamline the manual, paper-based processes that tie up resources and bog down business.
Automate key safety processes
Automatically certify compliance, competency and safety culture at the worker, organizational and regulatory levels.

Achieve COR certification faster.

Achieve COR/SECOR certification faster and save up to 20% on WCB premiums.

Get the complete picture
Roll up dashboards present a complete picture of competencies and safety performance and identify gaps and areas for improvement.
Keep goals aligned
KPIs drive continuous improvement and to keep worker behaviors aligned with your goals.
Quick follow up
Efficiently investigate incidents and quickly implement corrective action.
Monitor corrective actions
Easily monitor all corrective actions to reduce recurrence and improve worker safety.

Critical health and safety information right at your fingertips

Stay up to date on regulations for your industry and jurisdiction.

  • Receive alerts on changes to OHS regulations.
  • Quick search OHS regulations and processes.

Quick to install, easy to maintain

  • Built in the cloud – no IT required to use.
  • Available to workers anywhere, anytime from the desktop or mobile phone.