COVID-19 relaunch support for the Alberta food and beverage  industry

Need help navigating through the COVID-19 relaunch documents and don’t know where to start? We have been working together with Alberta Hospitality Association and occupational health and safety professionals to support organizations with their COVID-19 reopening process to ensure that they can operate in a safe and sustainable manner.

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Getting you and your team ready to re-open

The InUnison Health and Safety Management system is specifically updated with the most current and applicable COVID-19 guidelines and instructions. The InUnison platform enables organizations to train staff and implement essential processes to ensure teams and customers are safe in the “new normal” workplace arising from COVID-19.

COVID-19 Policy

The COVID-19 Policy is a set of expectations the organization will put in place to reduce the risk of exposure and harm to workers and the public from this virus. The policy can be communicated to all staff to ensure acknowledgement and agreement.

COVID-19 Management Plan

Building and maintaining a COVID-19 Management program takes a lot of time and resources. We have developed work procedures based on government guidelines and also your industry leaders to provide an up to date COVID-19 management program and applicable Safe Work Practices for your company. 

COVID-19 Forms

To assist with the implementation of the COVID-19 management plan you will have access to forms. These forms include a hazard assessment and personal protective equipment (PPE) and Hygiene materials form.

COVID-19 Pre-Screening Self-Assessment

Employers are required to ensure that symptomatic or ill workers are to remain at home. The online COVID-19 pre-screening system allows workers to complete a self-assessment based on the health services questions on any mobile device. 
Once the worker submits their self-assessment this is recorded for compliance and traceability requirements. Built into the system is an automatic notification to a Manager if a worker is symptomatic. Corrective actions workflow will be triggered automatically to ensure that the risk is mitigated. 

Alberta Hospitality Association Member Pricing

Because of the critical importance of health and safety systems in the re-opening of Alberta’s economy, members of the Alberta Hospitality Association will have the ability to easily set up their own profiles at no cost, normally $495/year.